Alopecia is the pathologic loss of fuzz connected with hormonal disorders, physical or moving overloads, transmissible predisposition, etc. There are dissimilar types of alopecia, or coat loss. There are congenital, symptomatic, seborrheic, cicatricial and premature baldness. According to the grade of manifestation full and region types of baldness are decorous.

Congenital alopecia, or spine loss, is relatively irregular. It is characterized by flooded lack or drastic cutting of coat that can be cooperative next to other disorders such as falling apart of nails,teeth, etc. Premature, or presenile, baldness occurs furthermost frequently among formative and middle-aged men and develops bit by bit. In defence with women it is mostly constrained to spike thinning. Hair loss begins in anterior and membrane bone areas. Then activity grasps other than sites of the cutis. The head-skin on the open sites becomes thin, velvet and brilliant, and apertures of spine follicles are unperceivable.

Seborrheic alopecia, as the label prompts, develops on the framework of skin problem. It is discoloured near atypical fatty excretions and thinning of tresses on the full-page external of the scalp, its peeling, and increased blubber of body covering.

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Cicatricial baldness presupposes ever-present damage of fleece follicles and their deputy by involving body part. Cicatrices regularly are not so visible as in covering of health-giving wounds. They outcome in disappearance of apertures of hackle follicles and the skin becomes lustrous and vivid. The features can stay squishy and stretch on the other hand sometimes there may be callosities.

Areal alopecia, or phalacrosis areata, is defined by loss of quill in one or various minute sites on the scalp, underarms, on the pubis, beard, eyelashes or eyebrowes. Such tresses loss areas have more commonly discoidal outlines, they can build-up and combine among themselves, forming larger sites. The husk in the new-forming centers is a touch hyperemic and edematic. Later on it becomes melodious and gets the color of dentin.

Disease can carry on on the milieu of eosinophilia, lymphocytosis, regional lymphadenitis, thinning of nails, attended by headaches. In whatever cases total loss of spine on the head, and besides loss of eyelashes, eyebrowes, and down (malignant, or broad-spectrum alopecia) is obvious. Hair can plunge out during several age. Hair loss manoeuvre can diverge in strength and period of time. Sometimes children can have baldness by way of small-focal "gleams" of fleece or the wound nimbus cloud extending ribbonly from the nape to the auricles.

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Most commonly medical care of immature phalacrosis consists in intense stimulating analysis. It can't product in restoration of all mislaid down on the scalp, but it can trim back appreciablly the route of quill loss. Now techniques of working tending of mane loss, or alopecia, are matured. For example, fleece conveyance in shaved a skin condition. This business activity is carried out in specialised clinics and is rather valuable.

Hair losing women beside hyperandrogenism are normally doped to wipe out the causes of the latter. In proceedings of accrued sensitiveness to androgenes (male hormones) the nonspecific psychiatric therapy that reduces their manufacture by ovaries or blocks their divergent personalty is carried out. With this role spoken contraceptives and corticosteroid are applied.

Treatment symptomatic alopecia should be oriented on the rudimentary sickness. In causa of golden termination down are renovated and regrown in due module.

Treatment of seborrheic phalacrosis should be preventative. In these purposes in any case enlivening therapies and improvement of metabolic processes intensive local rehabilitation is previously owned. Complex attention can tip off or put off loss of fuzz. Such psychiatric therapy is carried out by dermatologists and cosmeticians.

In case of alopecia areata, or region down loss, rehabilitation is mostly out-patient or it can be carried out in medicine infirmary (when quill loss function is common and extended). Vitamins A, E, C, H are used, as well as nicotinic, pantothenic and folic acids. Also doctors resort hotel to preparations of furocoumarin, sedatives means, ACTH (drenocorticotropic hormones) and glucocorticoids in specified cases. The last mentioned are also in use exteriorly as ointments. Rosental paste, intoxicant and etheric solutions with integration of sulfur, salicylic acid, tincture of siliculose white pepper are practical. Also irradiation by UV-beams or photochemotherapy is sometimes used in course of medical care. Among physiotherapeutic manner previously owned in alopecia cure are d'arsonvalization, cryotherapy beside snow of carbonaceous acid, cryomassage and chafe near electrobrush.

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