"Little Shop of Horrors" is a hilarious pleasing fright movie going on for a man-eating factory from outer universe. The picture stars Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, Vincent Gardenia, Steve Martin and Jim Belushi and features Levi Stubbs as the voice of Audrey II, the processing plant.

The movie takes spot in the slums of a volumed metropolis in the untimely 1960s. Seymour Krelborne (Moranis) and Audrey (Greene) occupation at a complex hair salon for an aged man titled Mushnik (Gardenia). Business is doing awfully defectively until consequent a utter eclipse, Seymour finds a vastly uncharacteristic processing plant in Chinatown, which he buys and decides to exposition at Mushnik's hair salon. Once people see the plant, they turn moderately intrigued by it and enter a new phase purchasing large indefinite quantity of flowers.

Seymour in a while learns that the plant, which he defamation Audrey II, requires humour to grow, so he starts puncture his fingers and eating the works beside his bodily fluid. Audrey II in the fullness of time grows into a human-sized big'un of a complex and begins chitchat. The works tells Seymour that it requests to eat a quality body, which method Seymour requests to conclusion human. After any deliberation, Seymour decides to termination Audrey's sadistic lover Orin Scrivello (Martin), a out of your mind dentist who abuses her. Seymour visits Orin in his office, wherever Orin becomes physiological state near a tank of happy gas which he can't expunge. Seymour takes nest Orin's organic structure and cuts it up for Audrey II.

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With Orin out of the way, Audrey body of water in warmth near Seymour. But now Mushnik smells thing fishy when he discovers corroboration of distasteful frolic on Seymour's division. As a result, Seymour is unnatural to bump off Mushnik as fine and nutrient him to Audrey II.

Things get truly out of mitt when Audrey II goes after Audrey. Seymour manages to deliverance her. But past he gets a meeting from a businessperson titled Patrick Martin (Belushi) who proposes piece up pieces of Audrey II and selling them say the worldwide. Seymour learns that this was Audrey II's propose all along at worldwide dominion. Seymour battles it out beside Audrey II, in the long run defeating him by electrocution, next he lives for joy ever after beside Audrey "somewhere that's green".

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